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Daniel Bristow violin shop Tetbury


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Terms of business

We hope you have enjoyed browsing the web site.  We will be continually improving the site and adding more instruments as they come out of the workshops and would be very interested in any feedback you may have. It is important to us that you find the right instrument as you will hopefully have it for many years, and unlike many shops who employ students or have a different member of staff every time you visit, you will see either myself or my wife Heather when you call in or phone. If you are buying your first instrument from us we wish you many happy hours of enjoyment from it and for our regular customers, we hope you visit again soon or drop into the shop.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniel Bristow

With the internet the nature of business has changed dramatically over the past few years and with this in mind we have had to change our policy on trying instruments. If you have dealt with us in the past, or we know your teacher we are happy to let instruments out on a weeks trial but if you are requesting an instrument through the web site and are unknown to us, then we will require full payment and we will give a 21 day money back guarantee. This guarantee allows you plenty of time to trial the instrument in various situations but needs to be returned to the shop within the 21 days in the same condition it left. If any damage has been caused, an amount will be deducted for its repair and loss in value.


For an instrument made by Daniel, we would only require a deposit if you want to choose the materials, style and fittings of the instrument, otherwise we can give a first option on any particular instrument bearing in mind that any commissions will take priority. We have been making for 30 years and are confident that our handmade instruments will compete against the best sounds of any old or modern European instruments.