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In the Workshop

This is where it all really happens. Every instrument is brought into the workshop for a thorough examination before any work is carried out, and then given a professional setup to achieve the best possible sound and make the instrument work in the hands of a skilled player.

violin workshop violin restoration

In the workshop we have a huge variety of instruments, for students up to professionals, from classical to Irish fiddle and everything in between. We do our best to make everyone feel comfortable and find the right instrument for each person. Unlike many musical instruments the character of a violin, viola or cello is as variable as their owners! This is really what it's all about and what makes it interesting for us - matching the person with the right instrument and bow.

These pictures show a little bit of my world,

the enviroment I've built up over the past 30+ years.

It's one I invite you to visit and step back in time,

into this Dickensian atmosphere that we call

'Daniel Bristow Violins'.